Irish Times report Poker is Booming

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The Irish Time last week reported on some of the poker sites that facilitate online poker in Ireland booming. The looked into the Stars Group, 888 and Boyle Poker. All of which have seen an increase over the Coronavirus Lockdown.

The Stars Group which own 2 of the largest poker sites: PokerStars and Full Tilt, reported an increase of over 27% in the first quarter. With most countries not going into Lock down until late March, we can expect the 2nd Quarter to have an even larger increase in profit for the Stars Group.

888 Poker and Boyle Poker have been reporting similar profits from it poker platform. Suggesting poker is booming through out the world, and Ireland as well for sure. Especially as Boyle Poker is main customer base is from the island of Ireland. We would expect other Irish Poker sites such as Paddy Poker to have a similar growth although we haven’t seen any reports yet.

Could the Coronavirus kickstart the Poker industry again and create a second boom that the poker industry has been crying out for since Black Friday when the US shut down most of the respected poker sites in the United states, having a knock on effect over the global online poker market. Or, will it disappear as fast as the Covid-19 arrived?

I for one would love to see the second boom of online poker, but Im not yet getting my hopes up. However, I have enjoyed the recent buzz around online poker again the last few months.

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